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3 Great Self Help Videos from Law Venture

Posted by Tara Libashai | Mar 08, 2020 | 0 Comments

Representing oneself in court can feel overwhelming or even impossible. Law Venture has free, easy, online resources that are a great tool for anyone wanting to represent themselves during their trial. Thorough and easy definitions without adding  too much information make learning easy for everyone! LawVenture lessons also use relatable comparisons and visuals to keep viewers learning.

This video goes over some of the most common objections in trials as well as  how to properly object, when to do so, and what to keep in mind. This lesson also covers the other important facts about objections such as what to do when someone objects to something and exceptions to the rules. This video also helps people with what to do if they make a mistake in court and how to ask questions to prevent mistakes.

This important lesson covers the entire trial process from preparation to verdict and everything in between. How to prepare and schedule your witnesses, how to create an appropriate opening statement,how to do a redirect examination, and much more to prepare anyone for what to expect during their trial!

This video teaches who should and shouldn't be cross examined and how to treat them to get the wanted outcome. This video is great for learning how and when to use each of the three cross examination strategies. With the tools in this video, anyone can be a strategic cross examiner!

Other Free or Affordable Resources from Jarrett Stone

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“I'm not sure where I would be in life if it wasn't for my mentors. I plan on returning the favor by mentoring as many people as possible…as a practicing lawyer, I'​ve started a couple of ​side businesses, such as ReferOver Law Venture is my passion project that allows me to teach other lawyers the skills I've acquired over the years… Now, I have my own law firm, Stone Firm, PLLC, and I'm having a blast.” -Jarrett Stone

Jarrett Stone, the founder of Law Venture, has been practicing law since 2016 and has aBachelor of Arts in Philosophy from The University of Texas at Austin  and a Juris Doctor from Texas Tech University School of Law,

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