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The Lavender Rights Project

Posted by Tara Libashai | Feb 03, 2020 | 0 Comments

Do you need help with LGBTQA+ issues in Seattle? The Lavender Rights Project is the place to start!

The Lavender Rights Project, (LRP), is a non-profit that was founded in 2016 by Morgan Mentzer and Lucas Cuellar after seeing their community's under-representation in the legal system. Their mission: to make and offer low-cost, hard working, legal help and education for LGBTQIA+ people of all races and incomes. Because the LRP offers both sliding and market scale prices based on a client's income, they give top quality resources to these wonderful communities. The Lavender Rights Project also works with a few other communities to grow their efforts.

The LRP offers an array of resources. The LRP's legal help most often falls into anti-discrimination, wills and estate management, family law, dependency, adoptions, and all trans / transition-related matters. Every month, the LRP offers help explaining and filling out the files needed to change their identity. The LRP also offers this service to LGBTQIA+ people who are in or out of the criminal system through their Prisoner Name Change Clinics events. During these events, The LRP offers a range of professionals to sign medical forms, notarize legal files, and help with legal name and gender change. The LRP also has a program to help LGBTQIA+ people living in rural or isolated areas called The Trans Advocacy in Rural Places Program, (TARP). TARP is another group which offers legal help and information. TARP also hosts events for the community. 

The LRP also works with a program called The Reckoning Trade Project, (RTP), which gives classes for workers and bosses. The RTP teaches employers about how to create the best work space for all employees as well as other topics in lectures and classes. The Reckoning Trade Project also has a library focused on people in the trade field.

Another event the LRP hosts are the mixers for legal professionals and students. This allows for many professionals with the same goal to have a meeting of the minds and expand their knowledge and skills around the legal system.

Many thanks to every member of The Lavender Rights Project's hard work to help the LGBTQIA+ communities.

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